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What is the codes on MR16 light bulbs?

The code which printed on MR16 light bulb means the wattage and beam angle.


Sometimes, we see a type of three letters code on MR16 light bulbs. Such as, EXT, , EXZ, FNV... What does it means?

It is normally printed on some long lasting and high quality brand MR16 light bulb, such as GE, Crompton and someone else. It is ANSI code assigned to MR16 light bulb, which describe the wattage and beam angle. We list some of these codes which we know, but it is not full range. It can give you some idea when you purchase lightbulb.

BAB - 20W, 36°
ESX - 20W, 10°
EXN - 50W, 36°
EXT - 50W, 15°
EXZ - 50W, 24°
FMW - 35W, 36°
FMY - 35W, 24°
FNV - 50W, 60°

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