Double Bay Hardware released a "Triple DB Points" program from 1/12/2021 to 31/12/2021. During the period, customer can earn 300 DB Points when sign up as a customer, which compare to normally sign up earn is 100 DB Points. And could redeem 300 DB Points for $10 OFF Coupon straight away. Please read following instruction for signing up and redeem coupon.

1. On any page, click "DB Rewards" which locates at the bottom right corner. 

2. In pop up window, click "Join Now". Fill up your informations and click "Create my account".

3. Back to "DB Rewards", which locates at the bottom right corner of any page. You will see "300 DB Points" which is displayed. Give some times if it does not shows immediately.  Click "Ways to redeem", then you can redeem your 300 DB Points for $10 OFF Coupon. (Do not redeem points if you'd like to get $10 off in our physical shop, as we use Points but not Coupon on POS system in physical shop.)

4. To use this coupon, please copy the coupon code and paste into "Gift card or discount code" section which locates in check out page. 

5. The $10 OFF Coupon is used for any products online. It is not valid for postage. 

6. The $10 OFF Coupon is one time use only. It uses for full to deducts from your order amount (except postage if occur). 

7. Any questions, please contact "".